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Willow Creek Sporting Clay creates the excitement of a real hunt. Our course is laid out in natural terrain to simulate a game hunt native to our course's locale. Clay pigeons fly by, duplicating patterns of upland game.  


Our course has all automatic trap machines which can be released by the push of a button.  Whether you are an avid hunter, serious sporting clay shooter or just a beginner our course is perfect for you.


At our 10 station Sporting Clay course you can:

  • Test a new firearm!

  • Sharpen your shooting skills!

  • Warm up for pheasant season!

  • For just plain fun!


Shells are available for purchase in the clubhouse, and golf carts are also available for rental!


Willow Creek has been hosts to many put and pulls, (25 or 50 targets, 9 hole golf) family reunions, church gatherings, rehearsal dinners, weddings, business meetings, company/family getaways.  Book your event today! 


Our skeet course is located next to the Sporting Clay course. The skeet course is set up in a half moon with 10 different blocks. At each block you shoot the same two birds in different locations. You have a high bird cruising by, and a low bird to catch coming the opposite way.  So if you are looking for some fun and excitement come try our sporting clay and skeet course!


More info on Tournaments

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