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Willow Creek Wildlife strives to provide hunters with excellent hunting opportunities while maintaining the wildlife and natural resources the land provides.  We offer 13,000 acres of crop, sorghum, corn, millet and wheat fields along with native prairie grass and CRP. Our farming practices are designed to offer wildlife food, shelter and nesting habitat to sustain populations.


As a family we have been farming and ranching in Stanley County since 1912. Over the years watching the wildlife, we grew a deep respect but could never afford to keep the ground idle for habitat.


In 1983 we established Willow Creek Wildlife so hunters could help offset the costs of maintaining crucial habitat. We are a family owned business and enjoy making it possible for you to enjoy the wildlife as we have. We concentrate on keeping prices affordable making it possible for all hunters to be able to experience the beauty of the great outdoors. 


Our staff is here to help make this hunt you’re most memorable!


Whether you feel like a day of hunting pheasant or deer, trying your luck pass shooting and decoying for geese, field hunting for grouse, or prairie chicken, or simply brushing up on your skills on the sporting clay course, we are here to accommodate you!

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